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A Blueprint for a Sustainable Future

Where Sustainability, Innovation and Reliability Converge

Universal Renewables Australia (URA)

We aim to demonstrate the true potential of renewable energy, long-duration storage, and green hydrogen production as pillars of the clean energy landscape.

Our state-of-the-art project leverages depleted gas reservoirs to create a sustainable energy ecosystem, embodying URA's commitment to a greener and more reliable energy future.

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By efficiently leveraging redundant solar energy, URA contributes to a sustainable and resilient energy ecosystem, driving the transition towards cleaner and more eco-friendly power sources


Compressed Air
Energy Storage

We're repurposing depleted gas reservoirs as underground compressed air storage facilities, allowing us to continuously use renewable energy for extended periods, ranging from days to weeks.



Using on-site renewable electricity that is available 24/7, we will employ electrolysis technology to produce green hydrogen from coal seam gas water with competitive cost.

Earth from Space

Together, we have the power to make a profound impact on the transition to clean, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions.

Our Services

Engineering Tools

Design and Engineering

Long duration energy storage facilities, hydrogen production & renewable energy plants.

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Hydrogen Supply

Hydrogen production, storage and transportation at competitive cost

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Electricity Supply and Service

Power supply to industries, peak shaving, and grid stabilisation via FCAS.


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Our Projects

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URA's Renewable Energy Hub

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Hydrogen Electrolyser Manufacturing

Our Collaborations

Revolutionising how we generate, store and utilise clean energy

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Ground Floor, 465 Victoria Avenue

Chatswood NSW 2067


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