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About Universal Renewable Australia

A Renewal Energy Project Development Company


URA is dedicated to revolutionising the energy landscape by providing innovative and sustainable solutions for long-duration energy storage and green hydrogen production.

We are focussed on:

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Green hydrogen production using renewable electricity​

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Reuse of depleted gas reservoirs and industrial wastewater

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Long-duration Underground Compressed Air Energy Storage (UCAES)​

An Integrated Solution

For Australia's Green Hydrogen and Net-Zero Emission Strategy

Large Capacity

Depending on the volume and capacity of the cavern, the storage capacity of CAES can be >1GW

Long Duration

Depending on the volume and capacity of the storage system, the storage duration can be >24 hours.

Cheap Green Hydrogen



Low LCOE from long duration energy storage reduces the​ cost of green hydrogen significantly

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Complete Industry Line - Electrolyser Manufacturing

Develop the complete technology and industry line for electrolyser
manufacturing in Australia

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Repurpose of CSG Co-Produced Water

Water co-produced during CSG extraction will be recycled to produce hydrogen instead of disposed

Repurpose of Depleted Gas Reservoirs

Depleted gas reservoirs and existing gathering systems ​can be reused for CAES, hydrogen storage and transport​

Incubation for Energy Hubs





URA's Capabilities

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Incubator of Energy Hubs

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CAES-based Energy Hubs across Australia

Underground Energy Storage
Feed in Grids
Green H2

URA's Business Model

Project Developer

Energy Hubs

Build-Own-Operate (BOO)

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Feed in Grids

H2 Production

Realisation of Assets


Peak Shaving 

Frequency Control Ancillary Service

Cost competitive H2 to the market

Capital gain from mere realisation of the assets

Profit sharing with operators,

when partially transferred

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Profit Sharing

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