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URA's Renewable Energy Hub

At the heart of Australia's sun-drenched landscape, a remarkable transformation is underway in the realm of clean energy. 


URA's renewable energy hub in Rolleston, QLD, is poised to revolutionise the way we generate, store, and utilize clean energy.


It leverages depleted gas reservoirs to create a sustainable energy ecosystem, embodying URA's commitment to a greener and more reliable energy future. 

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Our choice of location, around depleted gas reservoirs, is strategic and environmentally conscious. These underground spaces offer the ideal environment for long-duration compressed air energy storage.


By repurposing these reservoirs, we minimise environmental impact while maximising the potential for energy storage, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

Image by American Public Power Association

1. Renewable Energy Generation

Harnessing the abundant natural resources of solar energy in the region, our hub will generate clean and sustainable electricity.


By tapping into these resources, we're not just reducing carbon emissions; we're also contributing to Australia's energy independence.

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2. Long Duration Compressed Air Energy Storage:

A standout feature of our hub is the introduction of long-duration compressed air energy storage (CAES). We're repurposing depleted gas reservoirs as underground storage facilities for compressed air, allowing us to store energy for extended periods, ranging from days to weeks.


This addresses the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources and ensures a stable and reliable energy supply, while remaining cost-effective and highly efficient.

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3. Green Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is a linchpin in the clean energy transition. Using on-site renewable electricity, we'll employ electrolysis technology to produce green hydrogen.


What sets our approach apart is the sustainable source of water for electrolysis - industrial wastewater abandoned by mining companies. This eco-friendly solution not only reduces waste but also enables us to produce green hydrogen continuously, 24/7.

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