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Multi-Service Energy Storage

Power supply to industries, peak shaving, grid stabilisation via FCAS.

Image by Filipe Paulo

URA's Multi-Service Energy Storage is a versatile solution designed to meet the dynamic energy needs of industries and contribute to Australia's electricity market.


Our comprehensive approach goes beyond conventional energy storage, offering a range of services that include power supply to industries, peak shaving, and grid stabilization through Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS). 


By integrating advanced technologies and strategic deployment for long-duration energy storage, URA ensures a reliable and resilient power supply, allowing industries to optimize their operations.


The implementation of peak shaving strategies enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness of green electricity usage, while our contribution to FCAS supports the stability of the electricity grid.


URA's Multi-Service Energy Storage exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored, sustainable solutions that address the evolving challenges of Australia's electricity market and increasing needs of energy storage.

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