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Compressed Air Energy Storage

In March 2023, Australia’s National Science Agency, CSIRO released ​the Renewable Energy Storage Roadmap:​​


Australia is reaching 82 percent renewables in its energy grid by 2030.​​ Australia's National Electricity Market (NEM) requires a 10 to 14-fold increase in its electricity storage capacity between 2025-2050.​


All forms of energy storage must be considered to meet Australia's growing demand across multiple sectors, while traditional storage technologies will continue to play a key role.

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Electric Car Charger
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We're repurposing depleted gas reservoirs as underground storage facilities for compressed air, allowing us to store energy for extended periods, ranging from days to weeks. 

What is CAES?

CAES compresses air by off-peak electricity and stores that in the reservoir. ​

During peak-hours, the compressed air is released, heated and expanded to drive the gas turbine to generate electricity.​

Two commercial CAES plants, the Huntorf CAES plant in Germany (peak output of 290MW for 2 hours since 1978) and McIntosh plant in the US (peak output of 110MW for 26 hours since 1991) are still active today. 


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